Simple End-to-end Test for Log-in Flow with Puppeteer

2019-07-30 • 3 min read

I'm trying to figure out how to build end-to-end test by Puppeteer. It is quite trivial to set up some basic tests by following its…

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Utilize GraphQL Code Generator for newType in Typescript

2019-06-13 • 2 min read

Recently we started building our new features with GraphQL and Typescript. The reason why we chose to use type system is because we suffered…

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Run CI / CD by Pull Requests on Bitbucket pipeline

2019-05-22 • 2 min read
#continuous delivery#continuous integration#bitbucket#docker

Recently I have the opportunity to build CI/CD for our projects. The requirements are running unit tests by pull requests and deploy the…

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Using Keycloak in ReasonML

2018-09-18 • 2 min read

Keycloak is an open source product to manage identity and access for modern applications and services. There is a client-side library…

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Customize Operator in ReasonML

2018-07-09 • 1 min read

This topic is inspired by the post: It could be messy when writing a lot of if…

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